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On the horizon of the Alentejo plain

2017 Harvest

The heat of the Alentejo does not give respite, and with this, a harvest came at the beginning of August.
Initiated by the freshness of the morning, and continued from sun to sun, with the staff to harvest each bunch of grapes ink or white. A moment of conviviality, where the wall that separates these hours of conversation, is made of foliage of the vine and the sweetness of the curls. The laughs, the beads of sweat and the desire to quench the thirst, the background noise of the tractor that collects box after box.
A year of production failure, but nothing to make us lower our arms.
Now without clusters, the wine is already flowing in the cellar, and the landscape begins to change its shape, the yellowish and reddish tones contrast the vineyard. The autumn has come, the cold draws slowly, and let there be rain, we receive thee with open arms.