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On the horizon of the Alentejo plain

Brind’Art Projects 2018 – Agriculture

Good mornig, and good week.

The arrival of the cold in Alentejo marks the stage of vintage cutting.


A month of vintage cutting, when women come to give a new strength to our vineyard.
Before, I did not understand anything about agriculture, I see something now.
Agriculture is the future !!
We continue with our motto of reducing the use of chemicals until we become completely independent with “Mother Nature”. 
Nature gives us everything, why do we ruin it? 
We have made a new investment with very clever agricultural implements that will help us in our mission.
Every day we have the visit of shepherd Antonio with his flock of sheep, who comes to cut the grass, smooth the ground and go back home with a full belly.
During the spring, we will be releasing a short film, which is so well characterized by the Brind’Art team, we are working with the best for the moment, and giving to young talents a chance.
Without mentioning Agriculture, Brind’Art will launch its new wine, which is nestled in the barrels and from time to time angels come for a tasting.
News coming soon !!
I should also add that this year we will reorganize a Sunset in our Vineyards “Herdade da Azinheira” in August, but this year we will propose a different format.
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